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Current tidbits, site changes, people to watch and news of interest…

 Our next post is likely to be titled; Crossroads, an explanation of this site, it’s orientation and our revised mantra…

 The political news of the year: The rise and influence of the Independent is gaining speed. The establishment doesn’t yet get it; public relations, lobbying; journalism, the media; government and the party machines all have to understand that reality, the new reason and the potential alliances.  

   There will be more to come on this shortly and you can count on Chains of Influence to be “front and center” in this, dare we call it (it defies the definition); movement!

  •  An excerpt of Independent Nation, by John P. Avalon looks quite promising, and can be found via Anderson Cooper here.


Some great people we’re following…

For timely security analysis use KT Mcfarland at… Nope, she went too far recently.

Chris Mathews doesn’t seem to blog or tweet, and when you’re routinely (that much better) informed than your guests; you can get away with it. Techno-neophyte or not, you can track him here if you can’t watch him on MSNBC’s HARDBALL.

And let’s all wish George Stephanopoulos good luck with the transitions at ‘GMA’ and ‘This Week’. His political contributions are vital so keep us posted with your coordinates George!





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