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Who wants to sit down to a bowl of average.

So, before the President leaves an Obama size hole in the wall (svelte as it would be)…

He is sluggish, pedantic and uninspiring – at best. At worst he may very well be the confidence vortex from which hope itself is unlikely to escape.

We can’t afford the Stimulus itself going off like a holy hand grenade in the bunker of American confidence.

…under the darkest threat or depths of sorrow American character suffers no paralysis.

…armed sometimes with only our character, but always therefore with the limitless extent of our uniquely American magnanimity – a nobility and compassion the likes of which…

The Al Gore bar: the anomalous point on a graph that’s supposed to silence all debate.

An idea closet? If only God gave us all one.

Momma’s basement only gets so much foot traffic.

That discomfort; it’s détente.






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