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…About MJ

M.J. Napier

Communicator-Catalyst-Consultant (and a useful pain in the ass) in public relations, speaking, management, business and defense.

Available for consult in Ottawa, Washington, and San Diego.

For ‘real time’ or media requests, please contact here… 


Testimonials for MJ

(Skillfully manicured by my ‘branding agent’)

Leadership, Management & Organizational Development

     “Michael has gravity, speaks forcefully and commands attention. He’s a natural leader who fortifies both people and processes.  He gets the big things and (more importantly) the little things that run an organization. There’s not an MBA program on the planet that has imbued the secret to identifying, recruiting, and building talent the way he does.”

 Employment Expert & Colleague

      “I smile at the ceilings you refuse to acknowledge; at the mountains that dissipate because you dismiss them.”

Committee colleague in a thank you email

 Negotiation & Conflict

      “You somehow know who people are and what they want to (or will) do before they do. You know people; get human behavior. You have an innate ability to understand and sincerely connect with people who are nothing like you. You (immediately) identify and capitalize on what people don’t say…haven’t accepted…or have been running from.  You move mountains in people, whether you’re getting them through a conflict…on board an opportunity…or back from the precipice of a cliff.”


      “Michael pokes holes, uncloaks deception, deflects distraction, traps inconsistencies and rewards the alternatives. He has high standards that are outdone only by those he places on himself. He’s hard on problems…not people. He declares conflicts and uses them to build, not burn.”


 Decision Making & Judgement

     “Michaelibrium: You question yourself without doubting. You plan without speculating. You vacillate wildly – but with perfect consistency. You pause but never hesitate. You acclimate without assimilating. You give an out without giving in. You welcome hope without manufacturing it. You calculate without engineering. And you win; not because you were able to change them, but because they weren’t able to change you.”


      “Observe-Analyze-Act-Evaluate: Repeat. You are able to process observations at nearly light speed and mentally categorize and analyze them to make immediate, bold judgments without painting yourself into a corner.  Your decisions are calculated and you have consistently done the right thing at the right time for the right reasons”

Commanding Officer, US Army



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