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About Me

‘Chains of Influence’ is an independent hip check, a bridging voice between paralyzed political, social and commercial positions and debate. Our expertise in (and fascination with) public relations, debate and management will influence opinion and focus (or the lack thereof).

What we remain unclear on is the trash; and what to do with it. The far wings of nearly any argument compete through bullying or emotional persecution (including political correctness), and we’re still discussing how far we’re willing to go to take them down (or include them in serious discussions).

Our People:

While we share our views openly, we are promoting ideas, and invariably the people behind them (including me). Whenever we have any potential conflict of interest; we’ll announce it prominently. We will not however limit our debate or participation simply because we are qualified, knowledgeable or connected.

  • We’ll be adding bios for writers and contributors shortly. Their profiles and contact information can be found here… About MJ



Comment Policy:

We encourage debate but don’t have to host it. Comment moderation will be selective and somewhat arbitrary. For thoughtful posts our criteria is; ideas, expressed well. For rants we may open debate completely though our ‘Slap’ page will be closed to comment. Submit your comments directly or feel free to contact Chains of Influence with your questions at

Thank you, we hope you enjoy your visit.

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