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Tea Bags to Moonshine.

February 8, 2010

Could this be a candidate for, and of the people and a movement to support her? Is this a Mrs. Smith candidate; a personality with authentic care for the People, the Republic and the Values for which it stands?

As more Americans feel alienated from, disenchanted or downright angry with Washington, the appeal for something wholesome is obvious. The stage is set for the citizen candidate that doesn’t know of (or give a damn about) filibustering rules but can garner the resources to get things done! Someone who wields the power of pardons & clemency for common man and not political favor or financial reward. Someone who cares more about the people than the systems designed to support them. Someone, we think, like us!

Sarah Palin is not Mrs. Smith and the Tea Baggers do not speak for the ‘common man’, not even a tiny fraction of it.

They claim to be libertarians, disenfranchised from the Republican Party. The last part has some truth to it as the reasonable core of GOP wants them out (or to shut up anyway). The Republicans have long realized that their platform has too many deal breakers for broad appeal. What is a Muslim Marxist?Far from the tolerant moderate bunch they claim to be, the Tea movement is a language trick designed to obscure the agenda the religious right has always tried to force on America. It is intolerant, ignorant and hostile – whether they’re serving tea on saucers or moonshine out of a jug.

And what is a Muslim Marxist (seen left)?

They praise Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, idiotically unaware that they are precisely the rabble (225 years later) that crucified Paine over his church views. Tea Baggers are inescapably; the fringe right wing.

Mor-A-nSome are even morons (sorry-people of 50-70 IQ). (See right)

The Tea Party has to avoid both ominous labels until the GOP is won over by their populist power; which they have yet to secure. The strategy is based on a myth, the political voodoo that they can deliver an election. This avoids the inexorable truth of the Scott Brown victory (they can’t stop cheering about); that he is a Pro-choice Republican. Drop that qualifier and he’s out of consideration and the GOP knows it. This singular criterion (pro-choice) much as we may not want it as the qualifier; all that’s needed to differentiate, to dispel Republican fears, to re-brand him or any Republican as a moderate – and for that matter; as a maverick.

So while Tea baggers will tell you there’s a gathering storm, a resurgence of common values; the harsh reality is that the end is likely near for the very far right? A Republican without the baggage is already more viable than with it. Provide a 30 to 51% moderate margin against the 10-15% teaflakes and the political choice becomes a no brainer. This is precisely the time in political evolution (not revolution lol) when the far right invariably eats their more moderate young. It’s happened in nearly every western democracy. In Canada, the largest Conservative majority in recent history was abruptly reduced to the political devastation of 2 seats. The emerging smaller ‘right wing’ parties writhed for a few years, recovered a bit, changed measurably and ultimately remarried decades later (without the wing nuts that cost them so dearly).

Which is why The Tea Party needs to put a pretty face to their cause, a common man to trumpet the folksiness of their movement; a distraction: re-enter Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin, in many ways, epitomizes the Tea Party. They beguile with the slick branding of comm’n folk; but they are (as they will always be); flakes. Sarah Palin is a natural leader for this posse of reprobates; they don’t do much homework and don’t need any facts – just like Sarah. Sarah cannot name one Supreme Court decision but interprets them without hesitation. Sarah cannot name a founding father either but (much like her constituents); has no problem speaking for them.

I like some things about Sarah Plain, as a person (and to a point). Sarah Palin is ‘common people’. She’d swear to protect the Constitution and I honestly believe she means every word. She doesn’t understand the constitution and cannot, therefore; uphold it – in letter, spirit or argument. Ultimately, I feel sorry for her.

She lacks the depth of intelligence, the discipline and humility to be any good at this level of public life. Her commitment is genuine, but she’s incapable of realizing she can be a hero, joke and farce all at once. The harder she tries the more support she’ll conjure from people who have no ability to truly help her. It’ll never be enough; she doesn’t have ‘it’, and folksiness alone is no substitute for competence, aptitude or dare we dream; gravitas.

In the end, we’ll see this Tea movement in all its glory and the only real question is how many casualties (apart from Sarah) it will claim along the way. I, for one, hope Sarah will retire to some daytime TV slot where the demands on her charm outweigh those of her intellect.

For the Tea Party, I pray for just a little rain; just enough to wash away the illusion that a felt hat or sun dress can turn political red-necks into libertarians. Tea Baggers may not have formed as a moonshine party – but I’m willing to bet they’ll end up one.


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