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Re-Framing Gay Marriage:

January 5, 2010

Narcissism or Drama

   Like most ‘hot button’ issues; this one offers the opportunity to reframe the entire debate, change the expectations, build alliances and shuffle the seating – for the better.

   Only fanatics are going to make gay marriage a pageant of homosexuality. For most; it’s an issue of respect – not freedom. Let’s face it; in America you can form some pretty exotic unions – this question is about recognition and invariably; rights.

   The Brady Bunch is not a new phenomenon, the nuclear family radiated a while back and by now; the vast majority of American families are unconventional in one form or another whether they have 1, 2, 3 Dads or none.

    In bone fide legal rights however; we’re all stuck in bell bottoms and zipper boots.

    A step Mom can’t easily excuse a child from school (or pick them up). A common law husband can’t claim his dead partner’s body across state lines. A poor and forsaken child of a wealthy biological parent is hard pressed to get school loans. Pensions, honors, entitlements too are reserved for the ‘legitimate coupling channels’ – and gays expect to move directly to the head of that line.

    There still aren’t laws that protect the Brady Bunch and there’s been precious little movement toward recognizing the variety of personal unions we form (and disband) – and providing them common respect under national law…

 …till Gays hijacked the parade.

    As the gay community renews their demand for marriage rights we should expect them to lead not only for their constituents but for rights, recognition and respect for all ‘personal unions’.

   As ‘Gay Marriage Law’ alone it’s political poison, a minority display of vanity and a billboard for a publically uncomfortable lifestyle. As a Family Rights, Respects & Recognition Act; it’s a slam dunk.

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