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Tiger: It’s never too late for PR

December 17, 2009
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 “There’s no such thing as bad PR”, though Tiger is certainly testing that thesis. He doesn’t have PR at the moment (that much is obvious); his web site is still up providing a forum for the tens of thousands who need an audience – to rail against him. 

Step 1: Stop the bleeding. Close the website’s forum immediately!

There’s a special name for the arrogance some celebrities continually flaunt – and repeat. It’s that same word used for Xerxes, that pompous jackass who thought he could brush aside the Spartans like they were statues carved from butter; Hubris! What’s interesting here is that Hubris can be used (at once) for both the bold blunder of a megalomaniacal tyrant and Tiger’s feeble whimper and melodramatic avoidance.

Step 2: Get a PR Firm.

No one can say Tiger’s brand is definitively over. Let’s remember that one of his bailing sponsors, Accenture; was formerly known as Arthur Anderson until their public Enron involvement (which may explain their lack warmth to Tiger in this crises). A name change won’t Tiger you but even if his brand is similarly poisoned, the actions he takes now will craft the emergence and potential of the next life or deliver it still born.

PR firms should be sending Tiger thank you notes and chocolate, nothing could illustrate better that ‘Crises Management’ is not enough; Leveraged investment requires insurance.

His partners require that Tiger is insured for life and precious limbs but no one has required the indemnity of his reputation and bankability, a service only a PR firm can provide.

Crises Management will always be a tool in the PR arsenal but Crises Prevention is destined to be the new sexy.

Just consider; a billboard size Tiger smile proclaiming; he’s ‘Everywhere you want to be’?

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