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Tea Bags to Moonshine.

February 8, 2010

Could this be a candidate for, and of the people and a movement to support her? Is this a Mrs. Smith candidate; a personality with authentic care for the People, the Republic and the Values for which it stands?

As more Americans feel alienated from, disenchanted or downright angry with Washington, the appeal for something wholesome is obvious. The stage is set for the citizen candidate that doesn’t know of (or give a damn about) filibustering rules but can garner the resources to get things done! Someone who wields the power of pardons & clemency for common man and not political favor or financial reward. Someone who cares more about the people than the systems designed to support them. Someone, we think, like us!

Sarah Palin is not Mrs. Smith and the Tea Baggers do not speak for the ‘common man’, not even a tiny fraction of it. Read more…

Ruins at the foot of the hill

January 24, 2010

As the State of the Union draws near, I’m struck by how everyone hopes for the same thing, yet no one expects it.  The President will attempt to sell it; spin masters will reach for it in cadence and verse and some of us will watch, with some remaining measure of hope.  But that most elusive of qualities; confidence, doesn’t make terms and will never negotiate. 

Confidence is an inescapable element of our American character, power and economy. Our kindness is transformed to magnanimity – by the action only confidence can rally, and by the obligation only the truly secure can embrace. No power, save Love has ever reached so far, embraced so many or taken a people so high – with promise left to spare. And yet, as every daughter can tell you – confidence cannot exist without pride. Pride requires accomplishment and recognition; Americans know that well or at least… we did. Read more…


January 22, 2010
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Thinking…. this decision will change a few things.

                       Thoughtful comments are encouraged.

The Grand Party

January 13, 2010

Is Harry Reid a racist or does the GOP just like watching the neighbors fight?

The GOP is looking dreadfully petty these days. Irresponsible and melodramatic language married with an impetuous defensiveness that borders – on shifty. Theatrics, an almost childish ‘look at me’ – that doesn’t slow down for double standards or pretense, nor does it fear the brand of insincerity.

Quite unusual for the party of character, values and integrity?

But that was then; and now, pump jockeys and deejays lower the bar till the GOP ‘goes reality’. And why not, your audience is already there? Read more…

Re-Framing Gay Marriage:

January 5, 2010

Narcissism or Drama

   Like most ‘hot button’ issues; this one offers the opportunity to reframe the entire debate, change the expectations, build alliances and shuffle the seating – for the better.

   Only fanatics are going to make gay marriage a pageant of homosexuality. For most; it’s an issue of respect – not freedom. Let’s face it; in America you can form some pretty exotic unions – this question is about recognition and invariably; rights.

   The Brady Bunch is not a new phenomenon, the nuclear family radiated a while back and by now; the vast majority of American families are unconventional in one form or another whether they have 1, 2, 3 Dads or none.

    In bone fide legal rights however; we’re all stuck in bell bottoms and zipper boots.

Read more…

Healthapalooza: It’s not my fault!

January 2, 2010

I didn’t do it!

In this case I didn’t, but as a child those words swept over my lips more often than I care to admit (and well before I even heard the question). So, before the President leaves an Obama size hole in the wall (svelte as it would be);  Let’s clarify some discontent before anyone cries – it’s not my fault!

 Is this change – really? Mr. President, you weren’t elected Steward of the Republic and your mandate certainly isn’t to negotiate with Democrats. The corner you painted yourself into with all that change talk is that now we expect it. Incremental progress (like let’s get a bill now and reform it later) is not the beat we expected so don’t expect anyone to jump up and dance. Read more…